Welcoming Christmas !: Katy Perry greets from the massage bench

              Tuesday, 03. December 2019

              Honestly, "Last Christmas" can not and nobody wants to hear anymore. And so, year after year, pop musicians strive honestly to serve us the next Christmas classic. Also Katy Perry tries it with "Cozy Little Christmas" and a clip with feel-good guarantee.
              In the past, Christmas songs by pop stars were more likely to be considered as disreputable. Today, on the other hand, songs about the feast of the feast even of hardened rockers are downright good form. No matter if punks like Bad Religion, Popper like last Robbie Williams or hit queens like Helene Fischer – they all have recorded albums all around Christmas. * Data protection Katy Perry has also packed the X-Mas fever long ago, although until now she only allowed himself to be carried away by a single song. He is called "Cozy Little Christmas". And in fact, he originally appeared last year. However, too many took no notice of him at that time, so that he could only place in the charts for a short time in the United Kingdom and the United States. Perhaps the most beautiful gift. But the nice thing about Christmas songs is that they are pulled out of the drawer every year can, without losing even the slightest bit of topicality. So Perry has just put on her "Cozy Little Christmas" again – and this time also provided with a music video that should bring the song due attention.Finally, the 35-year-old shows in the clip not only in the short red Christmas dress and Antlers in her hair, she also takes the viewer to the massage parlor – of course only to be massaged by a reindeer next to Santa Claus. Yes, with Perry it is just too cozy at Christmas – just as the song title reveals. No 24 hours online, the video has already bagged nearly two million views and tens of thousands of comments on Youtube. So runs – and Perry has made himself perhaps the best Christmas gift with the clip.