The Mandalorian: That's why the episodes are so short

 The Disney hit series The Mandalorian is well received by many fans and critics. But some are bothered by the length of each episode. Now it became known why the weekly published episodes are so short. Many Disney Plus users were thrilled when The Mandalorian was released. Some are bothered by the fact that the episodes have been just 29 to 38 minutes long. In addition, new episodes are broadcast weekly. Meanwhile, old content is also ready for binge-watchen at Disney +. Many experts have already discussed this topic. Analysts consider the tactics a very clever move by Disney.
Comscore's Paul Dergarabedian told CNBC that it's all about building anticipation. If you have to wait a week for the next episode, then the joy lasts longer. The tactics of Disney makes so much sense, especially since Disney wants to build a long-term customer base. Biling-watchen is typically enough for a subscription of one month. The Mandalorian is currently aired over a seven-week period, or two months.
If Disney would release the entire season at once, the surprise would be over quickly, also knows Peter Csathy of CreaTV Media. You just have to look at how the new trailer for Star Wars – The Ascension Skywalkers be celebrated. At Disney, almost everything revolves around the anticipation effect.
Csathy also believes he knows the reason that the consequences are so brief. Many people look at the consequences on their smartphones, so it's logical to follow a different model. Dergarabedian sees the reason that each episode is constructed like the chapter of a book. It is therefore very original that it has been built in this way. What do you think about it: Are the consequences of The Mandalorian too short for you?
Source: CNBC