Rock Hard – GUNS N 'ROSES: Duff McKagan Shows' Cold Outside' Video


03.12.2019, 16:14

GUNS N 'ROSES bassist Duff McKagan supports a charity that cares for the homeless with the video for' Cold Outside '.

With the video accompanying the track of his current solo album, "Tenderness," Duff cites the Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and its concern to fight US growing homelessness. So the bassist left the Propeller Campaign, whose proceeds go to the charity organization completely, to several fan articles and devotional items. "In my earlier times I was in similar situations, so I know what it's like to have no one to talk to can turn, "said the musician. "And sometimes I needed a helping hand to get back on my feet, I know that many others know people who need help, and if we stick together, we can help make a difference."


Author: Alexandra Michels