"House of Cards" inventor considers Boris Johnson the "right man"

Tuesday, 03.12.2019
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  The inventor of the political thriller House of Cards, Michael Dobbs, sees controversial British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the "right man for these special times".


Brexit was no longer able to cope with conventional political means, said Dobbs, who sits for the Conservatives in the British House of Lords, in a conversation with SPIEGEL CHRONIK 2019. "Boris was never a risk-free option, but the people in this country have at some point recognized that it simply can not continue in the usual way, "says 71-year-old Dobbs, author of the novel for the television series" House of Cards ".

  After the "disaster" caused by Theresa May, it needed someone "willing and able to shake up the whole system, one who could smash the Gordian knot called Brexit." That's what he trusts Johnson. He had already "secured his place in history".


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  Three and a half years after the EU referendum, he considered the state of his country with concern, said Dobbs the SPIEGEL CHRONICLE. "Democracy in our country is failing at all levels right now, and we are more and more focused on destroying not only the arguments of our opponents, but our opponents as well."


Leonardo Cendamo / DPA
Author Michael Dobbs sits for the Conservatives in the British House of Lords

  But this is not a purely British phenomenon: "You can see this everywhere in Western Europe and certainly in the United States."