Pretty in Pink: Lady Gaga Gives the Sexy Bridesmaid

              Monday, November 18, 2019

              The romance that some people wanted to call Bradley Cooper turned out to be a jumble. However, Lady Gaga is on hand when it comes to helping a friend get her love happiness. So the singer is now at a wedding the bridesmaid with party license.
              In love, Lady Gaga just seems to have no luck. Her engagement with Taylor Kinney went down as well as Christian Carino's. Recently it was said that she was with sound engineer Dan Horton. But even this Techtelmechtel is probably over again. Make a party – she can. (Photo: Instagram / ladygaga) Finally, Gaga posted a picture with her friend Sarah Nicole Tanno in her Instagram story only in mid-October and wrote: "A soon married woman and me, a single lady." And also the alleged romance , who many suspected between her and her "A Star Is Born" co-star Bradley Cooper, has dissipated. After all, the singer herself has thwarted speculation about it. "Quite silly" "Honestly, I find the press quite silly. We've made a love story together," Lady Gaga recently told US talk legend Oprah Winfrey an interview for the magazine "Elle". And she added, "Of course, we wanted people to believe that we're in love." The joint performance at the Academy Awards, which had been particularly intimate with each other, was no different. "We planned the whole thing – it was staged as a performance," said the 33-year-old. This is what bridesmaids look like … (Photo: Instagram / ladygaga) But even if their love life seems to be full of bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps, Gaga has a heart for friends and girlfriends who are doing better, just like Sarah Nicole Tanno. So, of course, the singer was on the spot, as Tanno now gave the weekend to her partner Tim Stewart. This is evidenced by various snapshots and videos that Lady Gaga, but also the bride herself have posted on Instagram.Dance on the tableSo Gaga wrote about to a picture that shows them how they all pink in the beach a bouquet of flowers in the air stretches: "Two of my best friends have just got married, time to celebrate!" Another shot shows her arm in her arm and in a sexy pose with another young woman, who also holds a bunch of flowers in her hands. The hashtag "Bridesmaids" reveals that the two have probably shared the job as a bridesmaid. That she knows how such a wedding is properly celebrated proves Lady Gaga also in several videos from the festival on Instagram. As you can see, among other things, to Usher's song "Yeah!" dancing with the bride on the table. So half wild with the love life of the lady. Because: Who needs a wedding of their own, if you can let it go wild with friends?