Hummels on the first title, Klopp and the best player in the Bundesliga

With the aim of championship BVB started in the Bundesliga season 2019/20. Despite the mixed start to the season, the black and yellow do not want to move away from this goal. Mats Hummels explains what has to get better with the Dortmunders. In addition, the center-back speaks about his first title with Borussia, Jürgen Klopp and currently the best players in the league.Bisher is the season of BVB a "up and down," said Hummels in an interview with "". The 0: 4 in Munich had the impression of course "marred", added the center-back, who still says: "In principle, one must say that the weeks before were okay to good."

In order to make it to the title, the team must above all be "much better away from home." If we continue to play like that, then we will not be champions. "Pointed Hummels.Detailliert called the 30-year-old that his team," if it does not work, with everything against it "and keeps in duels more against it. As soon as four five players in these duels do not hold against, "you go under," Hummels is convinced. Hummels on the first BVB championship: "goosebumps" How to get a championship knows Hummels only too well. Already in 2011 he sat down with the Dortmundern the Bundesliga crown. The memories of this first title are still present at the center-back. "We realized early on that we were really good, that we were superior to most opponents in the field and that we had a good footballing system," he said Hummels back to his first year in the championship. "The idea that it could really be enough for the title came in the second round after matchday 1. So we played in the direct chasers in Leverkusen and won 3: 1. After this game we have first thought that we are mature enough to be able to do that, "recalled the 30-year-old. The moment in which it was clear that it would be enough for BVB 2011, he would" never forget, "said Hummels: "We were 2-0 against Nuremberg and we just knew we did it, I can not say that without it tingling directly and I get goosebumps, that was a very special moment e of my career, that was complete ecstasy. "Hummels remained above Klopp and the best player in the LigaHängen not only the first title in Hummels from this era, but also the work under Jürgen Klopp. "The years under 'Kloppo' were of course great, successful, emotional," enthused the 2014 World Cup champion. However, it was also nice to get to know the work of other coaches, added the center-back. To the question of who the currently best player in the Bundesliga There is only one answer for Hummels: "Currently Lewy is the best, I think there are hardly any other opinions." But also players like Jadon Sancho or Thiago Alcantara are "incredibly talented". Kai Havertz, Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry are also highly regarded by the former international.